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The Reverberation Machine is a synthetic atmosphere creator. Use the effect on any instrument to add..
Rp3,490,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp3,490,000
The FK-1 Compressor is the first model in the new FKEfx line. It features case mounted Output and Se..
Rp2,090,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,090,000
The original 2 knob Rubber Chicken was an insanely good envelope filter. Now they are revisiting it ..
Rp2,990,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,990,000
The Scenic Drive has a wide range of gain to nearly clean to distortion territory. Lots of sustain! ..
Rp2,890,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,890,000
This OD has so much tone it is unbelievable. The harmonics and note clarity just drip out of it. Thi..
Rp2,090,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,090,000
Like many others, I love the sound of a Tone Bender. A true classic in the music world. Most of us h..
Rp2,390,000 Rp1,600,000
Ex Tax: Rp1,600,000
Already legendary amongst slide players, the SlideRIG delivers clean “infinite sustain” in true Litt..
Rp4,290,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp4,290,000
The SMARTSwitch 2 is a compact MIDI controlled channel and remote switch. Two isolated 1/4″ mono jac..
Rp2,090,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,090,000
True Strobe Technology The LED ring on the Turbo Tuner is a true stroboscope. The LEDs are driven..
Rp1,990,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp1,990,000
Taking the boost pedal one step further, the Supro Boost offers a TRS port for expression pedal cont..
Rp2,690,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,690,000
No other pedal sounds more like a real Supro amp than the Supro Drive. This groundbreaking analog pe..
Rp2,990,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,990,000
Thermae™ represents a radically new approach to analog delay and harmonization. The pedal digitally ..
Rp7,490,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp7,490,000