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The Keeley Electronics Nova Wah, crazy and unique, allows you to have 2 Fixed Wah Pedal sounds at yo..
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Ex Tax: Rp2,100,000
Since late 2009, we discovered that Brad Paisley was using Wampler Pedals. He started with the Faux ..
Rp2,690,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,690,000
Careful, the Perseus just might take your head off. While the mythology behind Perseus is certainly ..
Rp2,390,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,390,000
The Pigtronix Philosopher’s Tone is a state-of-the-art analog compressor / sustainer, providing endl..
Rp2,490,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,490,000
Zeke Clark, Edward Van Halen's longtime renowned guitar tech played through a pinnacle and this is w..
Rp2,490,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,490,000
The Plainsman Dual Stage Clean Boost will increase the volume of your instrument signal when employe..
Rp1,990,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp1,990,000
British hi-gain distortion. The Features: - High-gain British distortion type - Simple &..
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Ex Tax: Rp1,290,000
The Reverberation Machine is a synthetic atmosphere creator. Use the effect on any instrument to add..
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Ex Tax: Rp3,490,000
The FK-1 Compressor is the first model in the new FKEfx line. It features case mounted Output and Se..
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Ex Tax: Rp2,090,000
The original 2 knob Rubber Chicken was an insanely good envelope filter. Now they are revisiting it ..
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Ex Tax: Rp2,990,000
Like many others, I love the sound of a Tone Bender. A true classic in the music world. Most of us h..
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Already legendary amongst slide players, the SlideRIG delivers clean “infinite sustain” in true Litt..
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Ex Tax: Rp4,290,000