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The Faux Tape Echo delay has become a staple in Nashville and beyond, from masterful session guitari..
Rp2,890,000 Rp2,500,000
Ex Tax: Rp2,500,000
In 1965 a new fuzz circuit called the Sola Sound* Tone Bender MKI arrived on the booming London musi..
Rp2,790,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,790,000
The Full Range Bomb takes your signal splits it and sends it to four discrete silicon boost in paral..
Rp3,490,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp3,490,000
Silicon transistor makes thick, powerful and deep fuzz sound, like 70s' Fuzz Face. You can control a..
Rp2,190,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp2,190,000
British distortion from classic rock to heavy metal ..
Rp890,000 Rp700,000
Ex Tax: Rp700,000
What do you call an effect that isn’t quite a Bit Crusher, or an Octave, or a Harmonizer, or a Ring ..
Rp2,290,000 Rp1,950,000
Ex Tax: Rp1,950,000
The Janus is a true bypass, dual joystick controlled Tremolo/Fuzz pedal that allows you to create a ..
Rp3,890,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp3,890,000
The Joyo JF-305 AT Drive is a classy overdrive that's got smooth character written all over it's tin..
Rp890,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp890,000
Joyo Ironman JF-303 Little Blaster sounds dirty and mean, but never loses its clarity. It just cuts ..
Rp890,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp890,000
Metal sounds are almost impossible to get from a guitar pedal. Most pedals truly fail in this catego..
Rp890,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp890,000
Digital reverb with 3 presets (Room, Spring & Modulated) ..
Rp1,290,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp1,290,000
From the sweet shimmering tremolo of yesteryear to helicopter choppiness of today, the tremolo has b..
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Ex Tax: Rp2,850,000