Daytona Fuzz

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Brand: T Pedals
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T-Pedals are handbuilt in Italy using old school "point-to-point" circuit wiring ready for heavy duty. Experienced craftmanship and full sized selected components (including germanium transistors) for insane and characterful sounds.

The most characteristic sounds of the 60s are enclosed in this pedal: the fuzz hot and harmonic saturation total, from treble boost up the sound grainy style "speaker broke" typical garage-punk more rotten.

The tone control has a double excursion: you can boost or cut the midrange, inflate the bass or eliminate them altogether for a "radio".

Excellent dynamic and responsive to the controls of the guitar. Output volume overbearing and ability to pierce the mix makes the terror of sound engineers all over the world!


1. Volume Knob: Volume control. Caution hot volume output!

2. Gain Knob: distortion amount control, it's very sensible, at high levels there is a big distortion boost.

3. Tone Knob: Turn Clockwise for more bass, turn counter-clockwise for more treble.

4. Switch Tone 1/2: Select two different tone control curves

5. Switch Drive: select two different kinds of saturation

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