Rubber Chicken

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Brand: Lovepedal
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The original 2 knob Rubber Chicken was an insanely good envelope filter. Now they are revisiting it with the LovePedal Rubber Chicken Rebuild which brings back the legendary circuit with more control than ever before so you can really dig in and get all the quack your sound will ever need.

The Rubber Chicken only originally had 2 basic controls that let you get a wide range of sounds but you couldn't completely control the sound. This rebuild expands the control you have with volume, spectrum, sensitivity and Q controls that all let you really dial in the exact amount of quack. If you need something for those funky grooves this pedal is a must have.

If you have played with other envelope filters you will know that how you play completely changes how the pedal sounds. The Rubber Chicken embraces this fact and when you play with a lot of attack you can hear your tone brighten up while if you play a bit softer the effect becomes slightly darker. This lets you go from a subtle rhythm sound to more in your face effect without changing anything other settings.

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