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Featuring an intuitive interface, three-way clipping toggle and a top jack circuit design (much like..
Rp2,590,000 Rp2,350,000
Ex Tax: Rp2,350,000
More available gain without the mud. Still stays clear with added compression vs gold version. Audio..
Rp3,190,000 Rp2,750,000
Ex Tax: Rp2,750,000
Dover Drive, inspired by the tube-driven B.K. Butler and Chandler Tube Driver pedals that have power..
Rp2,690,000 Rp1,990,000
Ex Tax: Rp1,990,000
The Joyo JF-305 AT Drive is a classy overdrive that's got smooth character written all over it's tin..
Rp890,000 Rp650,000
Ex Tax: Rp650,000
Since late 2009, we discovered that Brad Paisley was using Wampler Pedals. He started with the Faux ..
Rp2,690,000 Rp2,200,000
Ex Tax: Rp2,200,000
Warm, smooth, tube-like overdriven tone Buffer bypass 100% Analog signal path Zinc-alloy di..
Rp1,090,000 Rp750,000
Ex Tax: Rp750,000
is much more complex and revolutionary than you may imagine. These stomps give you 8 more steps of d..
Rp3,990,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp3,990,000
The Hermida Audio Zendrive is one of the most sought after overdrive pedals in the world. Originally..
Rp2,990,000 Rp2,300,000
Ex Tax: Rp2,300,000
Limited release 2016! with slightly high gain and more compressed tone. The Hermida Audio Zendriv..
Rp3,190,000 Rp2,500,000
Ex Tax: Rp2,500,000