Smart Switch

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The SMARTSwitch 2 is a compact MIDI controlled channel and remote switch. Two isolated 1/4″ mono jacks connect to your gear, and the SMARTPedal interface allows for full real-time control or direct MIDI access. The SMARTSwitch 2 can change your amp channels in response to incoming MIDI Continuous Controller (CC) or Program Change (PC) messages on any MIDI channel.

  • - Dual isolated channel or remote switch outputs
  • - Output A may act as a single TRS output
  • - Instant access to switch settings
  • - Outputs may be bypassed or engaged using MIDI CC
  • - Outputs may be assigned to incoming MIDI program changes using MIDI learn
  • -Each output is configurable to normally-closed, normally open, or momentary function.
  • - Fully passive signal path – can switch DC or control voltage
  • - Optical relay switching – no moving parts.
  • - 9VDC 48mA max

Connecting the SMARTSwitch 2 to your amp requires either a single TRS 1/4″ cable or two TS / mono cables. Each output is fully isolated so that two separate amps may be controlled with the same SMARTSwitch.

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