Super Hoffman

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Brand: T Pedals
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T-Pedals are handbuilt in Italy using old school "point-to-point" circuit wiring ready for heavy duty. Experienced craftmanship and full sized selected components (including germanium transistors) for insane and characterful sounds.

6 different frequencies selectable boost: from treble to bass boost, through the mid-boost very effective to "pierce the mix" and increase the presence of the guitar.

2 different types of transistors selectable:

- GE (Germanium), for a clean boost and harmonious, very '60s. "

- SI (silicon), to boost a more aggressive and powerful, typically rock 70s.

The selector +/- controls the depth, speaking on the amplification and the slope of the peak boost.

The VOL control adjusts the output volume. Taking advantage of the interactions between the controls you can get boost of any kind (including an interesting clean boost linear germanium), and distortion particularly original. .

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