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Our seatbelt strap in Gray. Save a seatbelt from a landfill. This repurposed seatbelt strap is one o..
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Ex Tax: Rp250,000
Designed to allow for color coding for purposes like send/return, the Lava Solder-Free Plug caps fit..
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Ex Tax: Rp10,000
Have you ever owned a guitar pick long enough to actually wear it out? You will now. The genius o..
Rp19,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp19,000
Stops string breakage at the bridge plate! Pack includes 7 tough yet pliable PVC sleeves in 3 dia..
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Ex Tax: Rp91,000
The Lava Solder-Free Mini ELC Stripping Tool is designed especially for use with the Lava Pedalboard..
Rp30,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp30,000
A compact mic placement system to precisely mic your cab both quickly and easily while insuring a cl..
Rp590,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp590,000
Classic • Simple • Durable • Adaptable Your guitar gear finally has a home. The Fuzz Bag is a pla..
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Ex Tax: Rp1,090,000
Custom-made 2 ft. right-angle “insert” cable set. Made in USA, these are the highest quality insert ..
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Ex Tax: Rp690,000
Custom-made 3ft. 1/4″ right angle TRS to 5-pin DIN MIDI cable. Connect the SMARTClock MultiJack or t..
Rp490,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp490,000
The revolutionary best-in-class Lava Retro Coil™ cable features an exclusive proprietary outer jacke..
Rp690,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp690,000
5 cm Canvas material and printed with 3 stripes (Red, Yellow, and Green) colour motif didicated for ..
Rp235,000 Excld Tax
Ex Tax: Rp235,000
Flatliners come supplied with a set of cables to allow you to connect almost any pedal. However for ..
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Ex Tax: Rp115,000