Prewired 3-Way Toggle Switch (Switchcraft)

Inc Tax:Rp490,000
Brand: Emerson Custom
Availability: In Stock

Here is our newly redesigned Prewired 3-Way Toggle Switch. Color coded 22 gauge pre-tinned wire makes soldering a breeze... No more cussing over getting that vintage outer braid to heat up so you can solder your grounds. Fully HeatShrunk, Wired Up like a champ and ready to throw in your Les Paul, or any other style of guitar that requires a Gibson style 3-way toggle switch. We've done all the hard work for you so that you can have a flawless and reliable sound in an easy to install package. Also the wire that we use on these kits in the same makeup of the vintage braid cloth wire that you will find in vintage guitars (Les Paul's and the like) just in an easier to install and more reliable package....

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