TRS Insert Cable 2'

Inc Tax:Rp690,000
Brand: Disaster Area
Availability: In Stock

Custom-made 2 ft. right-angle “insert” cable set. Made in USA, these are the highest quality insert cables we have been able to find anywhere.


Insert connection for mixing consoles or audio interfaces

Split a stereo / TRS input or output to dual mono / TS plugs.

Convert a volume pedal to a TRS expression pedal

Connect to the loop of your JHS Panther Cub or vintage Marshall Guv’Nor pedal

Connect to the TRS jacks on the Disaster Area SMARTLoop (all six jacks)

Connect stereo devices to the Disaster Area DPC-4EZ (input and output)

Connect a volume pedal or compressor to the Disaster Area DPC-5 insert

Connect a pedal or auxiliary board to the Disaster Area PB-INSERT breakout box

Also works for stereo input on certain Strymon pedals (El Capistan, Flint, Lex, Brigadier) and the new Walrus Audio Descent Reverb

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