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Brand: Gotham
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Product Code: BNFX-GOTHAM-DGS1
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DGS-1 Unbalanced cable for guitar or phono interconnect leads

Made in Swiss

Premium electric guitar cord...

Industrial standard high quality unbalanced audio cable with noise protecting conductive plastic layer (3) to eliminate microphonics caused by mechanical movement of the cable. Single Reussen shield giving accurate shielding for standard usage.

  • 1 Jacket PVC, Ø 0.24 in, max.
  • 2 Shield Copper wires (38 AWG), 100% coverage
  • 3 Layer PVC, conductive
  • 4 Insulation PE, Ø 0.06 in
  • 5 Conductor Stranded bare copper wires, 7x32 AWG (24AWG)
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